The museum of the Royal Malaysian Air Force was officially opened to the public on 2 June 1985. It was a simple beginning for the museum at the Sungai Besi airforce base at Kuala Lumpur. The inventory then consisted of only five aircraft as exhibits. Nowadays the museum has several aircraft on display, a number of them outside on the tarmac and some inside in a hangar.

The museum is located on a corner of the small military airbase of Sungai Besi. On this base the S.61 and S.70 helicopters are based. You can see, read and sometimes even make photos of the helicopters on an operational day. You need to pass the guard room of the airbase and inform the duty personnel that you wish to visit the museum. Admission is free and photography is permitted. The museum has the following visiting hours:

Monday - Thursday 09.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday 09.30 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.

Their website is:

The address of the museum is: Muzium TUDM, D/A Pangkalan Udara KL, Jalan Lapangan Lama, 50460 Kuala Lumpur.

Some aircraft are presented in a very pretty way for photographers, such as during my visit the Sabre and the Skyhawk. Others are a bit difficult to photographe, due to the darkness in the hangar. At the museum there is room enough for more aircraft in the future. Just view my photos to see how the possibilities are.


Spotters log, August 21, 2007.

FM-1902   Sabre
FM-1001   Twin Pioneer CC MK.1
FM-1054   Heron
FM-1316   Alouette III
M21-04     DHC-4
M25-08    Bulldog
M32-29    Skyhawk
M35-01    Albatross
FT383     Harvard RAF
And a Provost without a code

FM-1016   Pioneer
FM-1022   Chipmunk
FM-1041   Cessna 310F
FM-1051   Dove
FM-1907   Sabre
FM-2201   Tutor
M26-08     Bell 47G
M32-30     Skyhawk
M499-04   Wasp Navy (ex XT784)
And a Tutor without a registration
And a Tiger Moth in RAF colours without a registration (ex G-ANEY)